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School on the Move

- An afternoon for primary and secondary students doing 23 different activities to move. -

School in Motion 
Activity Tour for Primary and Secondary School


For this special event in the context of our project item “Keep fit” many classes of the primary and secondary school had prepared activities (“slalom” around logs with a football, run a certain distance balancing a tennis ball on a spoon,…) and the students had a route card with all the stations on it. When they had completed the activity, the result was not that important (e.g. there was no time limit and even if you did not hit a target (wherever required) the exercise was taken as completed), the students got a signature or a stamp.

Those who had completed all activities got a reward (an ice cream this time but there are lots of other things that could serve as a reward) and the class with the best average will get 50 Euros for special class activities.

On top of all the activities we had a sponsored running, where pairs of secondary and primary students started in 30 sec intervals. The distance was 800m along the streets round the school and the students were sponsored by parents, friends…… They only did one lap out of respect for the younger students (in the end it turned out that sometimes the younger ones had to wait for the older ones) so the sponsors did not pay for the amount of laps but just for the effort the runners had made. Except for the money it raised this activity had a great social effect. It was amazing how appreciative the older students handled the situation. Very often they encouraged their younger partners or let them come first when they reached the goal. Really a great experience.
The event was from 3 to 6 in the afternoon, parents were welcome and lots of them watched the activities. There was a cafeteria and parents were offered coffee, juice, tea… and lots of different cakes, all sponsored by parents.

To sum up you can state that it was very successful and although the event needs time for preparation as far as the organisation is concerned (but this can be done by a small team within the school) the actual preparation time each class needs is not that much. Nevertheless the students take great interest in deciding on their activity and they have been very creative in the process of developing their item. A course like this can be transferred to each age group if the activities have been adjusted. You will find some examples in the video attached to the description.