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Career planning Schedule

Career planning Schedule
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Erasmusboard Emmerthal

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Erasmus Week in Emmerthal

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Erasmus Woche Emmerthal

Students present their Erasmus partnes during a week
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Carrer and Volontary Work
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Exploring companies

A very important step in the career orienteering process is the exploring of local companies to get an impression what the world of work is like in reality and to get an overview of the structures of a firm.
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Reading activity Leporellos

The grade 7 did Leporellos presenting different books and authors.
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Story competition

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Keep Fit paddling activities

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Moving during breaks

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Analysis of potential

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Analysis of potential - test of skills 31.02.2016

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Career Counselling 05.03.2015

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Career investigation-job info center 01.03.2015 chart for students

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Exploring companies- process 22.03.2015

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Internship 14.05.2015

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Job information centre

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Practical Training

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Presentation of Internship Experiences 31.07.2015

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School on the Move

An afternoon for primary and secondary students doing 23 different activities to move.
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Job orienteering fair